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The following table contain recipes for specific beers I have brewed or plan on brewing.

Recipe Name Short Description First Brew Date Rating
An' Jekka Oatmeal StoutExtract oatmeal stout kit2010/01/14**
Willamette SMaSHLight DME w/ Willamette lager2010/01/26****
Bloody HeferBlood-Orange Hefeweizen from extract2010/01/28*****
ApfelweinVery dry, tart apple cider2010/02/13***
Beam Me Up, ScottyPartial-Mash, Scottish Export/80 with peat malt and oak2010/03/04**
Cascade SMaSHLight DME w/ Cascade IPA2010/03/21***
Amarillo SMaSHLight DME w/ Amarillo IPA2010/03/28****
Brandon & Katy Holy Matrimony SaisonHoney, Peach & Pecan Saison2010/06/27*****
Ghost StoutSweet Stout with spicy ghost peppers2010/06/28*****
Beach BeerFranziskaner Weissbier clone2011/02/19*
Saturnalian SacrificeSaint Sylvester's Flanders Winter Ale clone2011/10/01***
Cranberries 'n MashDark cranberry wheat ale2011/10/08****
Cymreig Bragawd DdwbwlWelsh braggot2012/04/01****
OxydendrumOaked, cherry Belgian Strong
Bramble BraggotRaspberry Wheat Braggot
God Hates FigsBiblical Braggot with figs2012-10-20
Ale van der DrupeBelgian Pale Ale with Cherries and Ginger2014-12-07****
Perkele! Perle PorterBaltic Porter with Perle hops
Boo-HooTerrapin Moo-Hoo clone with ghost chile2014-12-31*****
Midnight SunBlack IPA made from… leftovers2015-04-12***
VetemjölkMilk wheat beer?2015-05-10****
Köldknäpp Koloni KolschStandard Kolsch2015-10-18*****
Isabelle's IcelidaeSculpin IPA clone + Blood Oranges2017-02-18*
NociceptionMango Habañero IPA2017-02-18****
Lina's Pistasch möhIPAPistachio & Hibiscus IPA2018-06-30***
Jokkon's Havtorn Raj Pejl EjlJuniper & Sea Buckthorn Rye Pale Ale2018-06-30***
FastFolkNo-boil NEIPA Folköl2018-06-27***
Sur Wars - Råg OneKettle-soured Rye2018-08-03****
Why Buy RyeRye Pale Ale2018-08-05****
Thermal FuseThermal Fuse Porter2018-09-29***
TranbärsCranberry rye wheat2018-10-15**
Semi-Singed SaisonDark-ish saison2019-08-18
Dimmiga Dagar IPANew England IPA2019-08-19
Rye Not RosehipRye Pale Ale with Rosehip2020-11-14*****
Tea & Biscuit BitterESB2020-12-31
GroggenbierSpiced Roggenbier
Beer as FolkAmerican Rye Folköl

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