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Jokkon's Havtorn Raj Pejl Ejl

Style: Rye Pale Ale

Bentleybrau Brewery's Jokkon's Havtorn Raj Pejl Ejl

Juniper & Sea Buckthorn Rye Pale Ale

Electric all-grain

Brewed: 2018-06-30
Target OG: 1.060
Strike hit: 72C
OG: 1.052
FG: 1.011
ABV: 5.4%

BrewTarget Recipe:

Joakim Wedding - American Pale Ale (10A)
Batch Size  28,530 L            
Boil Size   30,530 L            
Boil Time   1,000 hr            
Efficiency  60%                 
OG          1,051 sg            
FG          1,013 sg            
ABV         5,1%                
Bitterness  42,5 IBU (Tinseth)  
Color       6,1 srm (Morey)     

Name                       Type   Amount     Mashed  Late  Yield  Color    
Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt  Grain  5,500 kg   Yes     No    85%    3,4 srm  
Weyermann - Rye Malt       Grain  2,000 kg   Yes     No    85%    3,6 srm  
Briess - Carapils Malt     Grain  250,000 g  Yes     No    74%    1,3 srm  
Total grain: 7,750 kg

Name           Alpha  Amount    Use   Time        Form    IBU   
Chinook        13,0%  30,000 g  Boil  1,000 hr    Pellet  34,9  
Kent Goldings  5,5%   15,000 g  Boil  30,000 min  Pellet  5,7   
Cascade        6,0%   10,000 g  Boil  10,000 min  Pellet  1,9   
Cascade        6,0%   30,000 g  Boil  0,000 s     Pellet  0,0   
Kent Goldings  5,5%   20,000 g  Boil  0,000 s     Pellet  0,0   

Name                      Type  Form    Amount     Stage    
Wyeast - American Ale II  Ale   Liquid  125,00 mL  Primary  

Name    Type      Amount    Temp      Target    Time  
mash    Infusion  21,693 L  74,973 C  67,000 C  1 hr  
sparge  Infusion  17,246 L  74,199 C  67,000 C  0 s   

Brewday Notes:

- added 1/4 jar dried berries for last 10 mins of boil

Sea buckthorn:
- boiled 2 boxes frozen berries (~400g)
- pitched into bottom of fermenter, unbagged

Brew: 2018-06-30
Start: 19.35
Started with hot water from tap. 21.5L @ 50C
Started heating: 19.42
Reached 74C: 19.53
Fucking did it again. Left the heater on, mashed in at 74C. Fuuuck.
Mash start: 20.12, basically settled on 72C. Dropped to 67C in 20 mins.
Not sure why Brewster keeps overshooting the set temp. Keep it down on 200W or so.
Mash end: 21.15
15L at end of mash, sparging with 75C water @1L/minute
Forgot to mash out, but sparge water is hot.
Started boil with sparge. Sparge ended 21.30, temp 79C. Added heat stick and circulation.
Pitched swollen yeast pack into starter: 21.35
Stopped heat stick and circulation at 98C
Boil gravity: 1.060
Boil, first hops: 21.46
Big hot break, almost overflowed at 2500W. Lowered to 1600W
Boil end: 22.45
Cooled to 27C, pitched in fermenter: 23:40
FG: 1.052 ?? How did it drop from boil gravity?? Efficiency: 60%
About 27L in the bucket. Pump worked.
Finished cleaning: 00.26 (10 hours for 2 beers)
jokkon beer time: 5 hr

Fermentation was between 22C and 25C, mostly at 23C. Summer…
Strong fermentation started after 12 hours, lasted 72 hours. Bubbled 9 days total, then stopped.
Beer level at ~26.5L after fermentation. Priming sugar based on 24.5L.
Priming assumption: 2.5 vols/24.5L/24C == 170g table sugar

FG: 1.011 (5.4% ABV)
Odd that it's lower than expected, considering the high mash-in temp.

Bottle: 2018-07-14
Almost exactly 24L made it to bottling bucket. Havtorn was a bitch, should have bagged it
Havtorn got stuck in autosiphon and caused many bubbles in the siphon for the last 10L.
Some got sucked into bottling bucket, but none in the bottles.
Bottled 54x 33cl, 5x 750ml, 3x 500: 23.232 L in glass

Tasting Notes:

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