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Why Buy Rye?

Style: Rye Pale Ale

Bentleybrau Brewery's Why Buy Rye?

Brewster Beacon

Brewed: 2018-08-05
Target OG: 1.062
Strike hit: N/A
OG: 1.048
FG: 1.010
ABV: 5%

BrewTarget Recipe:

Why Buy Rye - American Pale Ale (10A)
Batch Size  28,000 L            
Boil Size   30,000 L            
Boil Time   1,000 hr            
Efficiency  50%                 
OG          1,048 sg            
FG          1,013 sg            
ABV         4,8%                
Bitterness  45,7 IBU (Tinseth)  
Color       14,1 srm (Morey)    

Name                         Type     Amount     Mashed  Late  Yield  Color      
Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt    Grain    4,000 kg   Yes     No    85%    3,4 srm    
Weyermann - Rye Malt         Grain    4,000 kg   Yes     No    85%    3,6 srm    
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 120L  Grain    500,000 g  Yes     No    72%    120,0 srm  
Rice Hulls                   Adjunct  400,000 g  Yes     No    0%     0,0 srm    
Briess - Carapils Malt       Grain    250,000 g  Yes     No    74%    1,3 srm    
Total grain: 9,150 kg

Name    Alpha  Amount    Use      Time        Form    IBU   
Target  10,5%  25,000 g  Boil     1,000 hr    Pellet  24,2  
Target  10,5%  25,000 g  Boil     30,000 min  Pellet  18,6  
Target  10,5%  15,000 g  Boil     5,000 min   Pellet  2,9   
Target  10,5%  35,000 g  Dry Hop  5,000 day   Pellet  0,0   

Name                      Type  Form    Amount     Stage    
Wyeast - American Ale II  Ale   Liquid  125,00 mL  Primary  

Name          Type         Amount    Temp      Target    Time    
beta-glucan   Infusion     13,030 L  48,766 C  43,000 C  20 min  
protein rise  Temperature  ---       ---       50,000 C  10 min  
mash          Infusion     10,530 L  93,604 C  67,000 C  1 hr    
sparge        Fly Sparge   15,934 L  90,220 C  75,000 C  30 min  

Brewday Notes:

Brew day: 2018-08-05

Brought 13L to 50C, mashed in (very slowly)

35 L tun fullness, 3 L/kg. This is max capacity of brewster.

Held with 200W at ~45C for 30 minutes (very thick mash) with slight recirculation

Set to 1000W and tried to raise to 55C. Brewster blew and smelled like burning shortly after I flipped on the recirculation pump. Died at about 48C.

Poured in 10L @ 90C

Thermo on top of the top mesh plate reads 58C after 30 minutes. Not sure what temp the grain is.

Sucked 5L out of the pump and decocted (boiled on stove).

Refractometer says ~ 1.030 SG of sucked out wort. But that's the bottom stuff that has little contact with the grain, and there is no recirculation going on in this.

Thermo on top of mesh plate reads 75C a minute after the last 2L decoction addition.

Down to 69C after 10-15 mins.

Heated 15L of sparge water to 85C

Hydrometer reading on first runnings: 1.044 SG. Way too low. (Refractometer: 10.9° P)

Collected 15.5L first runnings before sparging.

Added unknown sized squirt of lactic acid to sparge water, and sparged.

Didn't have time to measure pH of anything.

Took boil gravity, 1.020. Stirred and took again, 1.034. Always stir after sparging :)

Temp after sparge was 60C. Temp corrected (60C) SG: 1.047. Same sample raised to 1.042 at slightly warmer than room temperature (30C-40C?)

Refractometer read 15.2° P. Stirred and read same wort again and got 9° P, twice (1.036 SG).

Brought to boil with heat stick and cover slightly on

Heatstick brings to a vigorous boil, eventually. Down 2L in 40 minutes with lid on top of hop spider.

Forgot to bag first hops. 25g into the boil without a bag. The rest were bagged.

0.5 tsp protofloc and 1.5 tsp fermaid rehydrated in some tap water

OG (hydro): 1.048, OG (refract): 12° P (1.0484)

Cooled with immersion chiller to 28C (~40 mins)

Gave it a proper whirlpool. Had to remove false bottom, since the whirlpool makes it float.

Waited 15 mins for whirlpool to settle.

Exactly 26L left after chilling.

Whirlpool didn't work at all. There was a whole universe of trub at the bottom.

Took exactly 22 L into the fermenter to skip most of the hop crap.

Pitched 500ml starter from 2 days ago. Pitched at 28C.

Placed on balcony @ 16C under a blanket. 6 hours later fermenter was at 22C.

@24 hours: bubbling happily. 24C on bucket surface in 16C ambient. Warm yeasts.

2018-08-10: Dry hopped with 35g Target in a sanitized muslin bag.

2018-08-16: Bottling day
Dry hopping was 6 days.
Fermented outside between 16 and 23C.
122g table sugar
FG (hydrometer): 1.012 raw, 1.010 corrected
FG (refractometer): 5.8° P
Filled 4 5-L mini-kegs and 4 500ml swing tops.

Tasting Notes:

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