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God Hates Figs

Style: Biblical Braggot with Figs

Bentleybrau Brewery's God Hates Figs

Ezekiel 4:9:
Take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and buckwheat; put them together in one bowl; and make bread from it. For as long as you lie on your side, 390 days, this is what you are to eat.

Mark 11:13-14:
And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet. And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it.

All-Grain BIAB

Brewed: 10/20/2012
Target OG: 1.089
Strike hit: 151F
OG: 1.072 (70F)
FG: 1.010 (64F)
ABV: 8.4%

BrewTarget Recipe:

God Hates Figs - Braggot
Batch Size: 5.500 gal
Boil Size: 7.900 gal
Boil Time: 1.500 hr
Efficiency: 70%%
OG: 1.089
FG: 1.023
ABV: 8.5%%
Bitterness: 33.9 IBUs (Tinseth)
Color: 10 SRM (Mosher)

               Name    Type    Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
    Caramunich Malt   Grain 12.000 oz    Yes   No  72%%  56 L
     Millet, Malted   Grain  2.000 lb    Yes   No  10%%   1 L
  Buckwheat, Malted   Grain 16.000 oz    Yes   No  10%%   1 L
   Wheat Malt, Dark   Grain  4.500 lb    Yes   No  84%%   9 L
 Pilsner (2 Row) UK   Grain  5.500 lb    Yes   No  78%%   1 L
              Honey Extract  6.000 lb     No  Yes  75%%   1 L
Total grain: 19.750 lb

       Name Alpha   Amount  Use       Time   Form  IBU
  Hallertau 4.5%% 2.000 oz Boil   1.000 hr Pellet 29.4
 Willamette 5.0%% 0.500 oz Boil 15.000 min Pellet  4.1
 Willamette 5.0%% 0.500 oz Boil  1.000 min Pellet  0.4

         Name  Type     Use   Amount    Time
 Figs, Frozen Other Primary 4.000 lb 0.000 s

                      Name Type   Form    Amount   Stage
 Wyeast - Belgian Ardennes  Ale Liquid 0.528 cup Primary

 Name     Type    Amount      Temp    Target     Time
 BIAB Infusion 9.767 gal 156.685 F 151.000 F 1.500 hr

Brewday Notes (10/20/2012):
2L starter, grown 1L at a time on stirplate. Started a bit over 24 hrs in advance.
2 lbs dried turkish figs, boiled.
2 lbs fresh brown turkey figs, boiled with 1/2 tsp cardamom.
RECIPE CHANGE: 1 quart prune juice (no preservatives).
RECIPE CHANGE: 1/4 oz fresh Nugget hops from garden in primary.
Overheated strike to 159F, hit 151F perfectly. Ambient was cool.
1/4 whirlfloc and yeast nutrient at 10 min.
OG low (1.072) with a lot left in the brewpot. Looks like severely overestimated boil-off.
Massive activity at 12 hrs. First day filled two blow-off jugs.
66F for first 2 days, then 64F.
In primary for over 2 months.
FG 1.010 @ 64F
Bottled with 3.3oz corn sugar. Aim was 2.0 volumes at 5.5 gallons, but didn't get 5.5 gallons.
Only 4.9 gallons, 46 12oz bottles. Some spillage.

Tasting Notes:

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