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FastFolk a.k.a. Dirty Mop Water

Style: American IPA

Bentleybrau Brewery's FastFolk

New England IPA Folköl (5L)

Recipe Concept:

EXPERIMENT: A low-alcohol (3.4%) folköl, all-grain 20 minute mash with no boil.

- 50g hops added during start of mash (unbagged, in grain bed)
- mash only 20 minutes (plus sparge time)
- Do not boil. Just mash out at 76C and sparge
- Sanitize immersion chiller prior to use since it won't get boiled
- 25g hops added during post-sparge whirlpool (bagged)
- A high mash temperature for body
- A bit of lactose for body
- 25g hops in fermenter (bagged)

Goal of experiment: is it possible to brew a mini-keg of low-alcohol “IPA” in 1.5 hours?

5L All-grain/No-boil

Brewed: 2018-06-27
Target OG: 1.037
Strike hit: 66C (heated to 70C)
OG: 1.032
FG: 1.008
ABV: 3%

BrewTarget Recipe:

FastFolk - American IPA (14B)
Batch Size  6,258 L            
Boil Size   6,258 L            
Boil Time   0,000 s            
Efficiency  70%                
OG          1,037 sg           
FG          1,009 sg           
ABV         3,4%               
Bitterness  0,0 IBU (Tinseth)  
Color       4,2 srm (Morey)    

Name                       Type   Amount     Mashed  Late  Yield  Color    
Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt  Grain  850,000 g  Yes     No    85%    3,4 srm  
Weyermann - Rye Malt       Grain  100,000 g  Yes     No    85%    3,6 srm  
Milk Sugar (Lactose)       Sugar  50,000 g   No      No    76%    0,0 srm  
Total grain: 1,000 kg

Name   Alpha  Amount    Use      Time        Form    IBU  
Citra  12,0%  30,000 g  Mash     20,000 min  Pellet  0,0  
Citra  12,0%  20,000 g  Aroma    20,000 min  Pellet  0,0  
Citra  12,0%  10,000 g  Dry Hop  3,000 day   Pellet  0,0  

Name         Type  Form  Amount    Stage    
Safale S-05  Ale   Dry   11,00 mL  Primary  

Name    Type      Amount   Temp      Target    Time    
biab    Infusion  2,717 L  74,637 C  69,000 C  20 min  
sparge  Infusion  4,540 L  83,289 C  76,000 C  20 min  

Brewday Notes:

Can't brew that little in a Brewster. Used stock pot and BIAB.
Strike water (2.7L) at 75C
Added 30g Citra at bottom, then all grains. Thin mash. Hit 66C. Quickly added heat to 70C.
Mashed 20 minutes.
During mash, heated 4L sparge water in plastic bucket to 80C.
Heated to 76C slowly, drained bag, tea-bag sparged in bucket for ~30 seconds, squeezed.
Added kettle wort into plastic bucket. Topped off with 500ml water to 6L
Totally forgot to sanitize the plastic bucket first! WHOOPS!
Added 50g lactose sugar boiled in 50ml water
Added 20g Citra.
Added sanitized wort chiller connected to sink and ran until 23C (15 minutes).
Added 10g Citra, 10g (ancient) Simcoe to sanitized muslin hop bag in 10L bottle.
Added dry packet Safale S-05 in fermenting bottle
Funneled wort into bottle.
Capped with plastic wrap and rubber band.
Brew day notes: chaotic and badly sanitized, because I expected to do it in the Brewster.
OG: 1.032 (low. efficiency: 60%)
Wort tastes like sweet hop water, with a strangely spicy finish
Light but constant fermentation bubbles @24h (krausen indicates it peaked earlier)
No visible bubbles @48h. Probably about done
Keg in 5L mini-keg after 5 days (2018-07-02)
Primed keg with 27g table sugar, targeting 2.2 volumes in 5L
FG: 1.008 (3%)
Fantastic aroma of tropical fruits. Tastes pretty good, though extremely light.

Tasting Notes:

Color of gray cardboard. Cloudy as hell, leaves a trail of dust.
Strong fruit aroma. Mild spicy ale taste with noticeable almost-but-not-quite too strong bitterness.
Not much hop taste, except for the neutral bitterness.
Easy enough to drink 5L in one sitting :)
Mini-keg worked very well. First glass foamed, rest were fine. Needs to be cold.

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