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Ale van der Drupe

Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Bentleybrau Brewery's Ale van der Drupe

A Belgian pale ale with El Dorado and Calypso hops, primaried on cherries & ginger. Stovetop partial mash.

Based on this:

Partial Mash BIAB

Brewed: 2014-12-07
Target OG: 1.052
Strike hit: Way off (85C instead of 67C)
OG: 1.076 (wat!?)
FG: 1.012
ABV: 8.4% (likely error in OG measurement, expect 5%)

BrewTarget Recipe:

Ale Van der Drupe - Belgian Pale Ale
Batch Size: 24,390 L
Boil Size: 11,390 L
Boil Time: 60,000 min
Efficiency: 70%
OG: 1,054
FG: 1,010
ABV: 5,7%
Bitterness: 30,3 IBUs (Tinseth)
Color: 9 SRM (Morey)

                      Name        Type    Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
     Pale Malt (2 Row) Bel       Grain  2,500 kg    Yes   No   80%   3 L
               Munich Malt       Grain 250,000 g    Yes   No   80%   9 L
              Biscuit Malt       Grain 250,000 g    Yes   No   79%  23 L
       Muntons DME - Light Dry Extract  0,000 mg     No  Yes   95%   4 L
 Dry Extract (DME) - Amber Dry Extract  2,000 kg     No  Yes   95%  13 L
Total grain: 5,000 kg

                  Name Alpha   Amount  Use       Time   Form IBU
               Calypso 13,0% 10,000 g Boil 20,000 min Pellet 7,0
             El Dorado 15,0% 15,000 g Boil  5,000 min Pellet 4,0
 Saaz (Czech Republic)  4,5% 20,000 g Boil 60,000 min Pellet 7,9
             El Dorado 15,0% 10,000 g Boil 20,000 min Pellet 8,0
               Calypso 13,0% 15,000 g Boil  5,000 min Pellet 3,4

           Name   Type     Use    Amount    Time
         Cherry Flavor Primary  2,000 kg 0,000 s
      Whirlfloc Fining    Boil 10,000 mL 0,000 s
 Yeast Nutrient  Other    Boil 10,000 mL 0,000 s

                       Name Type   Form    Amount   Stage
 WLP550 - Belgian Ale Yeast  Ale Liquid 35,000 mL Primary

 Name     Type  Amount     Temp   Target       Time
 BIAB Infusion 8,885 L 94,460 C 67,000 C 60,000 min

Brewday Notes:

Crushed grain extremely finely with Corona mill. Very floury.
Brought 8.850L to 92C.
Lots of dough balls at mash in. Still at 85C after 10 minutes of stirring. Added another 1.5L cold water to a total of 10.350L, which was at 70.9C. Mashed with lid off to allow it to drop more. “Batch Sparge” was selected in BrewTarget, and should not have been.
Added another 200g crushed belgian pale ale malt @67C to make sure there are at least some living enzymes. Let it drop to 66C. Kept it in the 65.5-66.5C range for an hour.
Slowly brought to 72C for mash out.
Squeezed the living hell out of the bag with a glass bowl. Didn't measure runoff, but it seemed about right. Topped off with 3L.
Saaz and El Dorado are pellet hops, Calypso is whole-leaf.
All hopping done in muslin bags.
OG: 1.073 @34C == 1.076. Very high!? Can't be right, that's like 150% efficiency. Possible bad hydrometer.
Taste during gravity reading is surprisingly bitter.
Pitched an extra ~2L of yeast starter @ 28C, for a total of about 26.5L in the bucket.
Added 1 large ginger root, sliced, and 1kg boiled frozen cherries.
Bubbling began after ~4 hours.
Beer in the blow-off cup and frequent, heavy gurgling @24 hours. (temp 22-23C in ambient 18C)
@48 hours: Bubbling reduced to once every 5 minutes. Temp at 21C. Added 1.3kg boiled cherries.
@72 hours: No audible bubbling, temp at 21C.
By day 5 stabilized to 18C.
Checked gravity at 15 days: 1.012 @ 20C.
Bottled 2014-12-28 (22 days) w/ 128g table sugar cubes. FG: 1.012 @ 19C.

Tasting Notes:

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