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Saturnalian Sacrifice

Style: Belgian Specialty (Dark Winter Ale)

Bentleybrau Brewery's Saturnalian Sacrifice

A clone of Saint Sylvester's Flanders Winter Ale, recipe from Beer Captured.

All-Grain BIAB

Brewed: 10/01/2011
Target OG: 1.082
Strike hit: 158F
OG: 1.065

Recipe Modifications: These are changes to the BrewTarget recipe below. Immersion chiller sprung leak at 160F. Brought back to a boil and added 0.25 oz Tettnang hops at flameout.

BrewTarget Recipe:

Saturnalian Sacrifice - Belgian Specialty Ale
Batch Size: 5.500 gal
Boil Size: 7.100 gal
Boil Time: 1.000 hr
Efficiency: 70%
OG: 1.082
FG: 1.020
ABV: 8.1%
Bitterness: 40.9 IBUs (Tinseth)
Color: 36 SRM (Mosher)

                  Name  Type    Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
 Pale Malt (2 Row) Bel Grain 12.660 lb    Yes   No   80%   3 L
           Munich Malt Grain 16.000 oz    Yes   No   80%   9 L
       Caramunich Malt Grain 10.000 oz    Yes   No   72%  56 L
         Aromatic Malt Grain  8.000 oz    Yes   No   78%  26 L
          Biscuit Malt Grain  6.000 oz    Yes   No   79%  23 L
   Chocolate Malt (UK) Grain  1.500 oz    Yes   No   73% 450 L
     Candi Sugar, Dark Sugar  1.500 lb     No   No   78% 275 L
Total grain: 16.754 lb

          Name Alpha   Amount  Use       Time   Form  IBU
 Brewer's Gold  9.7% 1.500 oz Boil   1.000 hr Pellet 37.8
      Tettnang  4.0% 0.500 oz Boil 15.000 min Pellet  2.6
      Tettnang  4.0% 0.250 oz Boil  5.000 min Pellet  0.5

                        Name Type   Form    Amount   Stage
 Wyeast - Belgian Strong Ale  Ale Liquid 0.528 cup Primary

 Name     Type    Amount    Target     Time
 BIAB Infusion 9.000 gal 150.000 F 1.500 hr


Temperature: In apartment closet. ~70F, but varies.

Brew Notes:

Brewed at Dutton's house.
Water from outside tap (house water)

Brought 9 gallons to 161F, cut flame
Dough in at 161F
Settled to 158F
Allowed to drop to 145F
Heated back to 155F at 60 min
Done at 70 min
Added candi sugar

1.5 oz at t=0
0.5 oz at t=50
0.25 oz at t=60
0.25 oz at flameout

immersion chiller sprung leak after a few minutes at 160F. Brought back to boil, then cooled again.

OG: 1.062 @ 85F == 1.065 @ 59F

Filled better bottle to 3“ below neck.

Bubbling within the hour. Switched to blow-off tube.
Vigorous fermentation after 8 hours.
Constant activity at 36 hours.

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