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Style: Milk Stout

Bentleybrau Brewery's Boo-Hoo

A milk stout fermented on ghost chiles and cocoa nibs. Based on a clone of Terrapin Moo-Hoo.

Based on this:

Partial Mash BIAB

Brewed: 2014-12-31
Target OG: 1.066
Strike hit: 69C
OG: 1.073
FG: 1.030
ABV: 5.64%

BrewTarget Recipe:

Boo Hoo - Sweet Stout
Batch Size: 26,784 L
Boil Size: 12,034 L
Boil Time: 60,000 min
Efficiency: 70%
OG: 1,066
FG: 1,017
ABV: 5,9%
Bitterness: 29,0 IBUs (Tinseth)
Color: 41 SRM (Morey)

                            Name        Type    Amount Mashed Late Yield Color
       Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt       Grain  2,000 kg    Yes   No   85%   3 L
      Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L       Grain 500,000 g    Yes   No   74%  80 L
            Milk Sugar (Lactose)       Sugar 500,000 g     No  Yes   76%   0 L
             Chocolate Malt (UK)       Grain 350,000 g    Yes   No   73% 450 L
                      Carafa III       Grain 200,000 g    Yes   No   70% 525 L
     Black Barley (Roast Barley)       Grain 150,000 g    Yes   No   55% 500 L
 Dry Extract (DME) - Extra Light Dry Extract  2,500 kg     No  Yes   95%   3 L
                  Barley, Flaked       Grain 500,000 g    Yes   No   70%   2 L
Total grain: 6,700 kg

       Name Alpha   Amount  Use       Time   Form  IBU
     Nugget 13,0% 24,000 g Boil 60,000 min Pellet 23,5
 Willamette  5,0% 30,000 g Boil 15,000 min Pellet  5,6

        Name  Type     Use    Amount    Time
 Ghost chile Other Primary   7,000 g 0,000 s
  Cocoa Nibs  Herb Primary 225,000 g 0,000 s

                 Name Type   Form     Amount   Stage
 Wyeast - British Ale  Ale Liquid 125,000 mL Primary

 Name     Type  Amount     Temp   Target       Time
 BIAB Infusion 9,158 L 80,046 C 70,000 C 60,000 min

0) Add 2,000 kg Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt, 500,000 g Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L, 350,000 g Chocolate Malt (UK), 200,000 g Carafa III, 150,000 g Black Barley (Roast Barley), 500,000 g Barley, Flaked to the mash tun.

1) Bring 9,158 L water to 80,046 C for upcoming infusions.

2) Add 9,158 L water at 80,046 C to mash to bring it to 70,000 C. Hold for 60,000 min.

3) You should now have 5,143 L wort. Add 5,000 L water to the kettle, bringing pre-boil volume to 10,143 L.

4) Bring the wort to a boil and hold for 60,000 min.

5) Put 24,000 g Nugget into boil for 60,000 min.

6) Raise water to boil and then remove from heat. Stir in  2,500 kg Dry Extract (DME) - Extra Light, .

7) Put 30,000 g Willamette into boil for 15,000 min.

8) Stop boiling the wort.

9) Add 500,000 g Milk Sugar (Lactose), 2,500 kg Dry Extract (DME) - Extra Light, to the boil at knockout.

10) You should have 9,143 L wort post-boil.
You anticipate losing 500,000 mL to trub and chiller loss.
Add 16,250 L top up water into primary.
The final volume in the primary is 24,893 L.

11) Cool wort and pitch Wyeast - British Ale Ale yeast, to the primary.

12) Put 7,000 g Ghost chile into primary for 0,000 s.

13) Put 225,000 g Cocoa Nibs into primary for 0,000 s.

14) Let ferment until FG is 1,017.

15) Transfer beer to secondary.

Brewday Notes:

Soaked cocoa nibs in vodka (lightly covered) in ziplock bag for 48 hours.
Made 2L starter 36 hours in advance.
Crushed grain extremely finely with Corona mill. Very floury.
Brought 9.150L to 81C.
Strike hit 69C after dough balls removed. Raised to 71C. Dropped to 68C over the hour.
Squeezed the living hell out of it, got 6L wort. “Sparged” bag with hot water bringing it up to 11L.
All according to plan for the boil.
Cooled to 25C, then topped up to 25L. Pitched yeast and nibs and ghost chile at 22C.
Sanitized raw chiles and sliced in half before tossing in. No boil.
Measured OG before yeast: 1.073. (~86% efficiency)
Blow-off tube bubbling after 6 hours @ 22C.
Steady 2 bubbles per second @ 16 hours, no large krausen. 22.5C in 18C ambient.
Machine gun bubbling @ 30 hours, no large krausen. 23C in 18C ambient.
Slowed to 1 bubble per second @ 48 hours. 22C in 18C ambient.
Still bubbling at 96 hours. 1 every 5-10 seconds.
Bottled 25.2L 2014-02-28 w/ 118g table sugar. FG 1.030 @ 20C.

Tasting Notes:

Partial Mash BIAB 2014-02-28

Brewed: 2014-02-28
Target OG: 1.073
Strike hit: 74C
OG: 1.069
FG: 1.020
ABV: 6.4%

Brewday Notes:

Soaked cocoa nibs in vodka & brandy (lightly covered) in ziplock bag for 5 hours.
Pitched onto yeast cake of previous batch.
9.150L to 84C, stirred 3 minutes, strike ~74C. 60 mins.
Squeezed 6L from bag (spin-unspin-spin-unspin works great!
Batch sparged in 4L hot water, extracted 4L to total of 10L.
Boil as expected. Cooled in sink in ~2 hours to ~35C.
Didn't measure post-boil volume. Pitched onto 1-2L old yeast cake, topped to ~27L.
Added cocoa nibs and one ghost chile (old nibs and ghost chiles are still in yeast cake)
Shook bucket for 5 minutes.
Measured OG a tad bit low at 1.069 (@17-18C)
Alive at 24 hours. Slow bubbling.
Insane bubbles at 36 hours. 23C.
Slower 1-per-second at 48 hours. 23C.

2015-05-09: Still bubbling (once every 2 minutes)! Gravity 1.021.
Two months of fermentation? Maybe infected, but gravity is still high.
Forgot about it… 2015-10-17 (8 months): Gravity 1.020, hasn't bubbled in a long time. Bottling.
26L in fermenter, tons of trub. 22L in the bottling bucket. Primed with 100g of table sugar.

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