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Sur Wars: Råg One

Style: Sour Rye

Bentleybrau Brewery's Sur Wars: Råg One

Kettle-sour Rye Beer

5L All-grain

Brewed: 2018-08-03
Target OG: 1.032
Strike hit: 52C
OG: 1.032

BrewTarget Recipe:

Sur Wars: Råg One - Roggenbier (German Rye Beer) (15D)
Batch Size  6,000 L             
Boil Size   7,000 L             
Boil Time   1,000 hr            
Efficiency  65%                 
OG          1,037 sg            
FG          1,010 sg            
ABV         3,6%                
Bitterness  49,2 IBU (Tinseth)  
Color       12,3 srm (Morey)    

Name                         Type     Amount     Mashed  Late  Yield  Color      
Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt    Grain    500,000 g  Yes     No    85%    3,4 srm    
Weyermann - Rye Malt         Grain    500,000 g  Yes     No    85%    3,6 srm    
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 120L  Grain    100,000 g  Yes     No    72%    120,0 srm  
Rice Hulls                   Adjunct  40,000 g   Yes     No    0%     0,0 srm    
Total grain: 1,140 kg

Name    Alpha  Amount    Use   Time       Form    IBU   
Nugget  13,0%  6,000 g   Boil  1,000 hr   Pellet  37,2  
Citra   12,0%  7,000 g   Boil  8,000 min  Pellet  12,1  
Simcoe  13,0%  16,000 g  Boil  0,000 s    Pellet  0,0   

Name                      Type  Form    Amount     Stage    
Wyeast - American Ale II  Ale   Liquid  125,00 mL  Primary  

Name     Type          Amount   Temp      Target    Time    
protein  Infusion      2,203 L  56,581 C  51,000 C  20 min  
mash     Infusion      2,200 L  86,121 C  67,000 C  1 hr    
sparge   Batch Sparge  3,791 L  85,035 C  75,000 C  15 min  

Brewday Notes:

Hydrometer reads 1.02 in tap water. Subtract .02 for adjustments

Brew day: 2018-08-03

45 g / 100ml starter with WLP677, lactic acid to pH 4.46, in sous vide at 40C for 4 hours before starting mash

2.2L to 58C in yellow stock pot. Strike temp: 52C

Heated 2.2L to 88C in separate pot
Strike temp: 66C (yeasties was about right, brewtarget underestimated!)
pH: 5.67
After 15 minutes, pH reads 5.68. Added a few drops lactic acid, dropped to 5.52

Refractometer reads 10.1 or 10.2 after 30 mins (corrected: 9.5°, SG 1.038)

Apparently I was supposed to do a beta-glucan rest at 43C for 30 minutes, not a protein rest at 51C. Hmm.

Batch sparge in 2.0L @ 90C, then top up to 7L
Refractometer reads 12.3 after 60 minutes (corrected: 11.59°, SG 1.047)

Exactly 5L out of 6.4L put in. 1.4L absorbed in 1140g grain.
10.1° plato final runnings (corrected: 9.5°, SG 1.038)

Topped up with 2L to 7L boil. 8.6° plato boil gravity.
Hydrometer reads 1.034, corrected is 1.032. (yeasties and brewtarget predicted 1.032 @65% efficiency)
8.6P == 1.0343. Correct would be 8.1°P. Wort correction factor 8.6/8.1 = 1.0617 (read from photo using first line with blue tint)

Boiled 15 minutes to sterilize.
Pitched lacto starter @ 41C, 8 hours after starting it.
Added lactic acid until exactly 4.5 pH

Began step-up starter of saved yeast from previous batch. 45g DME in 500ml water.

24 hours later (2018-08-04): distinct pellicle of some sort, and pH has dropped to 4.20.

I suspect it has yeast in it, but also lacto. @36h pH is 3.64, but SG is down to 5°P. 
Tastes very, very slightly sour.

4 days later it has fermented out (4.1° P) and pH dropped to 3.67.

2018-08-09: 6 days later still at pH 3.67. Started boil.

Added 325g extra pale DME to get sugars back.
Used old (2 years) hops that had been refrigerated.
6g nugget 60 mins, 7g citra 8 minutes, 17g simcoe at flameout
There were fruit flies in the pot. Summer time. (“Fruit Fly Flanders”?)
Decanted the step-up starter (5 days old), added to a new 500ml/50g starter right when boil started.
Cooled to 25C in 20 minutes. Pitched the very young (1.5 hour) starter and beer into 10L fermenter.
Capped with plastic wrap and rubber band.

OG: 9.2° P (~1.035 SG)

There was some weird gelatinous worm at the bottom of the brew kettle!!??

2018-08-25: Kegged 5L w/ 28g priming sugar (2.2 vols).
FG read 1.020 (hydro), but it was in kind of thick yeast slurry.

Tasting Notes:

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