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Lina's Pistasch möhIPA

Style: American IPA

Bentleybrau Brewery's Lina's Pistasch möhIPA

Pistachio & Hibiscus IPA

Electric all-grain

Brewed: 2018-06-30
Target OG: 1.066
Strike hit: 74C
OG: 1.063
FG: 1.012
ABV: 6.7%

BrewTarget Recipe:

Lina Wedding - American IPA (14B)
Batch Size  27,499 L            
Boil Size   29,499 L            
Boil Time   1,000 hr            
Efficiency  68%                 
OG          1,063 sg            
FG          1,016 sg            
ABV         6,4%                
Bitterness  50,0 IBU (Tinseth)  
Color       10,3 srm (Morey)    

Name                       Type   Amount     Mashed  Late  Yield  Color      
Weyermann - Pale Ale Malt  Grain  6,000 kg   Yes     No    85%    3,4 srm    
Weyermann - Pilsner Malt   Grain  2,000 kg   Yes     No    81%    2,4 srm    
Briess - Carapils Malt     Grain  500,000 g  Yes     No    74%    1,3 srm    
Roasted Barley             Grain  100,000 g  No      Yes   55%    300,0 srm  
Total grain: 8,600 kg

Name           Alpha  Amount    Use      Time        Form    IBU   
Chinook        13,0%  35,000 g  Boil     1,000 hr    Pellet  36,6  
Cascade        6,0%   20,000 g  Boil     30,000 min  Pellet  7,4   
Cascade        6,0%   20,000 g  Boil     10,000 min  Pellet  3,5   
Kent Goldings  5,5%   15,000 g  Boil     10,000 min  Pellet  2,4   
Cascade        6,0%   20,000 g  Boil     0,000 s     Pellet  0,0   
Cascade        6,0%   30,000 g  Dry Hop  1,000 hr    Pellet  0,0   
Kent Goldings  5,5%   30,000 g  Dry Hop  1,000 hr    Pellet  0,0   

Name                      Type  Form    Amount     Stage    
Wyeast - American Ale II  Ale   Liquid  125,00 mL  Primary  

Name    Type      Amount    Temp      Target    Time    
mash    Infusion  21,693 L  75,349 C  67,000 C  1 hr    
sparge  Infusion  17,029 L  74,199 C  67,000 C  20 min  

Brewday Notes:

Pistachio extract:
- 400g shelled pistachio, crushed lightly in bag with a rolling pin
- steeped in ~500ml gin for 7 days (in pickle jar, gin just over nut level)
- strain gin into tall jar and refrigerate
- when oil separates, skim off with spoon
- decant liquid off of solids at bottom

- 70g flowers added at flameout

Brewed: 2018-06-30
Brew day begin: 13.53
Weigh & grind lina's grains done: 14.15 (8.5kg, 17L ground)
Ground directly over bucket with a t-shirt wrapped over mill output.
Begun heating mash water from 16C: 14.20
Recirculation on low speed with hose under surface to lower oxygen intake
Dropped heat stick at 72.5C: 14.45
Smacked yeast packs: 14.30
Hit 74C: 14.45
Dropped power to 1000W and mashed in
Mashing in was really hard. Top was dry, had to recirculate to the top. Water doesn't seem to flow through grain bed. Strike temp seems to be 71.5C, but hard to tell since it's not recirculating.
Able to recirculate very slowly, watching the sight glass and turning it off when it runs low.
Fuck! temp was high because I forgot to lower it to 67F!! did that 5 mins in and added 500ml cold water to top. This one is basically mashing at 72C. Started: 15.00
Overflowed starter all over counter. Going great, going great.
Could fit another 2L for this grain on top in theory, but it's a good fit as is. Can fit plenty more grain.
Boiled starter: 15.15
Down to 67C and recirculating better after 30min (15.30)
Dropped power to 400W. It was overheating past 68C for some reason.
Heated 17L in plastic bucket to 75C with heat stick
Mashed out to 75C (overshot to 76C, just fine): 16.14. Raised one step to drain.
Added 500g roasted barley on top of grain bed when it became visible.
16L drained out of first runnings before sparge. if all 17L of sparge make it through, boil size will overshoot. Should probably note lower grain absorption.
Start sparge: 16.27
Had to stir the mash to get it to sparge fast enough. Probably created “channels”, but on the other hand it's basically a BIAB batch sparge.
Sparge passes 1L in 1:14
Started boil heater (2500W) while sparging.
Wort at the top of the basket started dark, turned clear by the end. Sparging probably did something.
Added all of the sparge water, pulled basket out while still dripping at target boil size (29.5L)
Ended up right at 30L by accident. Sight glass is a little slow.
Sparge end: 16.50
Added heat stick, temp at 75C, added recirculation with hose under surface.
Boil started: 17.00
1/2 tsp protofloc and 1.5 tsp fermaid rehydrated in a bit of warm water
Rolling boil at 1600W with lid on top of hop spider (mostly open)
Boil SG: 1.060
Pitched smack pack in starter: 17.30
Bumped to 2500W when adding wort chiller (50 min)
Boil end without incident: 18.06
Chilling started: 18.09 Chilled to 26C: 18.54
Fucking pump jammed at some point. Probably why chilling took so long. Racked with racking cane.
OG: 1.063 (efficiency: 68%)
Pump couldn't prime because of too much trub. Always use hop spider.
Final boil volume: 28.5L (1L more than expected)
24.5L in bucket. A lot lost to trub, and possibly to pump.
Lina beer time: 4.5 hr

Fermentation was between 22C and 25C, mostly at 23C. Summer…
Strong fermentation started after 12 hours, lasted 72 hours. Still bubbling very lightly at 14 days. Will check FG and try bottling anyway.
Beer level at 24L after fermentation. Priming sugar based on 22.5L.
Priming assumption: 2.3 vols/22.5L/24C == 137g table sugar

FG: 1.012 / 6.7% ABV (way too low!!?)

There was active bubbling visible in the fermenter as I racked it to the bottling bucket. My hope is that it's just CO2 coming out of suspension, since it's 26C on bottling day. If not, there will be bombs.

Bottled: 2018-07-14
Nearly 23L in the bottling bucket.
Bottled (54*333) + (3*750) + (4*500) = 22.232L in glass

Tasting Notes:

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