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The following topics are related to brewing equipment, including kettles, heat sources, storage containers, valves, pipes, chambers, kegs, and anything else used to hold, transfer, or affect the beer.

General Knowledge

Metallurgy – Types of metals and affects on brewing

Liquid Containers

Mash tuns – Containers for holding the mash

Brew kettles – Containers for holding wort during the boil

Fermenters – Containers for holding the fermenting beer

Temperature Control

Propane burners – Propane-fueled burners for large, rapid boils

Fermentation chambers – Containers/rooms for controlling fermentation temperature


Kegerator – Fridge for dispensing beer from tapped kegs


Wort chillers – Devices for chilling boiled wort to yeast-pitching temperature

mrmekon's brewing setups

15G Outdoor BIAB - All-grain full-boil propane BIAB rig

13L Indoor BIAB - Partial-grain partial-boil stovetop BIAB rig

40L Brewster Beacon - All-grain full-boil electric kettle rig

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