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13L Indoor BIAB rig


* 14L enameled cast iron stock pot
* fine mesh bag sized for 5kg grain
* two bread cooling racks for resting grain bag over pot

Mash in the stock pot with ~9L water to ~4.5kg grain.
Direct heat on stove to mash out, careful not to burn the bag.
Lift bag out of pot and slide in cooling racks to support it while it drains.
Squeeze the ever-living hell out of the bag by spinning until tight and pressing down with a frying pan, then spinning the other way and pressing again. Repeat until exhausted.
Batch sparge “tea bag” style in plastic fermenter bucket with ~7L water.
Target boil size is 12.5L. 13L is possible if very, very careful.

This setup is highly variable, but in its best runs gets 90% efficiency. The mashout and sparge is the hardest, since I don't have heat gloves and burn my hands the whole time. It makes a mess of the kitchen and cleaning time is significant.

BrewTarget settings

Pre-boil volume: 11,750 L
Batch size: 25,0 L
Evaporation rate (hourly): 2,0 L
Kettle top-up: 6,0 L
Final top-up: 6,0L
Grain absorption: 1,085
Volume: 13,0 L
Mass: 3,0 kg
Specific heat: 0,120

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