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 ====== Oxydendrum ====== ====== Oxydendrum ======
-**Style:** Sour Mashed Belgian Strong ​(specialty)+**Style:** Sour Mashed Belgian ​Dark Strong
-Bentleybrau Brewery'​s Oxydendrum+Bentleybrau Brewery'​s Oxydendrum ​\\ 
 +//To the buried that repose around us//.\\
 +A Belgian Dark Strong Ale, sour mashed, then aged on a bed of caramelized black cherries and Amontillado-soaked oak cubes.
 +**Etymology** -- Oxydendrum arboreum, sole species of the Oxydendrum genus, commonly called the Sourwood tree, whose leaves very closely resemble the leaves of Prunus serotina, the black cherry tree.
 ===== All-Grain BIAB ===== ===== All-Grain BIAB =====
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 **Tasting Notes:** \\ **Tasting Notes:** \\
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