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 |[[Sur Wars - Råg One]]|Kettle-soured Rye|2018-08-03|<​nowiki>​****</​nowiki>​| |[[Sur Wars - Råg One]]|Kettle-soured Rye|2018-08-03|<​nowiki>​****</​nowiki>​|
 |[[Why Buy Rye?]]|Rye Pale Ale|2018-08-05|<​nowiki>​****</​nowiki>​| |[[Why Buy Rye?]]|Rye Pale Ale|2018-08-05|<​nowiki>​****</​nowiki>​|
-|[[Thermal Fuse]]|Thermal Fuse Porter|2018-09-29|<​nowiki>​ </​nowiki>​| +|[[Thermal Fuse]]|Thermal Fuse Porter|2018-09-29|<​nowiki>​*** </​nowiki>​| 
-|[[Tranbärs]]|Cranberry rye wheat|2018-10-15|<​nowiki>​ </​nowiki>​|+|[[Tranbärs]]|Cranberry rye wheat|2018-10-15|<​nowiki>​** </​nowiki>​| 
 +|[[Semi-Singed Saison]]|Dark-ish saison|2019-08-18|<​nowiki>​ </​nowiki>​| 
 +|[[Dimmiga Dagar IPA]]|New England IPA|2019-08-19|<​nowiki>​ </​nowiki>​|
 || | |<​nowiki>​ </​nowiki>​| || | |<​nowiki>​ </​nowiki>​|
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